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Welcome again to Poker Tournaments! With the abundance of to-do poker tips around, we are sure you must be fed up with the selection. Judging by the articles circling around, it would seem that poker lovers have forgotten to enjoy the game. Playing for fun was original intention of poker games, anyway, but, not surprisingly, even entertainment comes with a price tag nowadays.

History of poker chips

Well, let us relax for a moment and consider the history of poker chips (or tokens). These are used in poker tournaments but regularly, and their primary function is to keep the track of the game and replace poker money. You will often find the term “clay chips” instead of poker chips or tokens, although they are not made of clay. Actually, clay may serve as a filler, but is never undiluted: various synthetic materials are mixed with it. The reason the mixture is being used is that it makes the tokens more durable, but, then again, why are poker chips still being referred to as clay chips?

You might have guessed it already. It has something to do with the shady past. As ever, languages never fail to surprise us and give us an insight into logic behind the words our predecessors shaped. Indeed poker chips were originally made of clay, as it was the cheapest material easy to come by in the 1800s. Today things stand differently. As clay is highly breakable and not as easily accessible as it used to be, it has been replaced with a mixture of plastic, clay composite, and acrylic. In the early 20th century, it became a custom to decorate poker chips with metal foil. The reason is two-fold: visual moment and extended durability.

Poker chips today

Modern poker chips have prints in the centre and along the edges. Of these there are many, as every casino inserts their own logo. Well, you can easily imagine how this practice brought forth another craze: poker chips collectibles. However, it is not only prestige that makes casinos insert their logos. This practice also diminishes the chances of counterfeiting. On top of that, poker chips vary in color. Nowadays, standard poker chip sets are being manufactured by specialized companies in the US, and are protected by the copyright laws.

When we speak about small-scale gambling (e.g., playing poker with friends in someone’s home), metal or plastic poker chips are the ones used for the most part. If in doubt which ones to choose for your private use, you should consider two factors: your budget and chips’ durability. Naturally, metal poker chips are more durable, but also more expensive. If you play poker but occasionally, you might wish to buy plastic poker chips.

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Well, one thing is certain. When  gambling online poker, you’ll have no misgivings in this regard. We sincerely doubt that you will even pay particular attention to the poker chips’ design. Now that you have taken a break from gambling to learn something new about poker chips history, you might wish to resume playing poker – for fun and money. And you’re in the right place! We at Poker Tournaments have prepared the finest online poker tournaments site selection for your pleasure. Licensed, risk-free, and offering free deposit bonuses, allow us to add. Stay to play, stay to win!