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Welcome to Poker Tournaments! Here you will find just anything that might come to mind when the term ‘poker’ is mentioned. whether you’re in search of a poker strategy and tips, or the best online poker tournaments sites, you needn’t go elsewhere. You will find all your all your poker preferences here! Enjoy your stay!

Furthermore, we have selected and presented hereby the best online poker tournaments sites – licensed, risk-free, and verified. Offering free deposit bonuses, they don’t only come across as the best deal – they are the best deal! No small letters or hidden clauses. What you see is what you get!

Full tilt poker

If uneasy with the system, we suggest you should start by playing full tilt poker, as features direct deposits to your account. On top of that, it also has the best rake (usually somewhere in between 3 and 7%). Note that the usual poker rake is ca. 10%. When you have familiarized yourself with the online payment system, you’ll be ready for online poker tournaments.

Free deposit bonuses

Certainly the best thing about online poker is free deposit bonuses. Every online casino offers one, so a simple calculation should give you an insight into the abundance of possibilities they offer. Many inexperienced poker players go by by simply collecting deposit bonuses and using them to hone their poker skills. Clever, one might say, and clever it indeed is. But (Are you truly surprised that there is a ‘but’ here?)… Chances are, you won’t be able to collect the full bonus at one go. You will be required to play a certain amount of hands first. The exact number of hands is stated in the terms and conditions of your chosen online poker room.

Poker tournaments are popular

There are several important reasons why online poker tournaments are popular. The first reason is – you get to play from the comfort of your home. The second (and no less crucial!) is that they take considerably less time to play. Statistics say that an average online poker player spends up to two hours in a poker room. Which is your best trump card, we’re sure you realize. If focused on online poker tournaments only, your odds of winning will go through the roof. No multitasking, no watching TV while playing.